Learning IOS Development the Doer way

by newuser09876 1. February 2012 08:27

Learning IOS has a challenging learning curve, but luckily there all kinds of resources that will make the climb to the summit joyous. This blog post is my favorite collection of these resources.


Figure 1: Getting things moving

Go shopping

  1. Go to the Apple Store and buy an iMac, an iPhone and an iPad.
  2. Sign up for the Apple IOS Developer program
  3. Sign up for a Micro plan at Github
  4. Download CS193P videos, slides, assignment and sample source from ITunes U
  5. Go to RayWenderlich.com and purchase the iOS Apprentice tutorial series
  6. Buy Photoshop CS5
  7. Buy the Tapworthy book

For game development

  1. For Game Development purchase the Ray Wenderlich’s Space Game Starter Kit
  2. Buy the Cocos 2D book

Free reading

To get more read the following Apple Developer Guides

  1. iOS App Programming Guide
  2. Human Interface Design Guidelines
  3. View Controller Programming Guide
  4. Core Data Programming Guide
  5. ItunesConnect Developer Guide
  6. Ray Wenderlich Tutorials

Interesting iOS frameworks

These frameworks are covered by the ITunes U iOS lectures.

  1. Accessibility
  2. Core Data
  3. Core Location
  4. Acceleration and Gyroscope
  5. Camera, sound recorder and media library
  6. Contacts
  7. Notification Services
  8. iCloud
  9. Game Center

Interesting iOS apps to dissect

  1. WordPress IOS app

Interesting 3rd party libraries

  1. OpenCV for IOS
  2. Barcode scanning
  3. 2D Physics Engine
  4. 2D Graphics
  5. SOAP Client (more)
  6. NeuroSky ThinkGear SDK 
  7. Bump API
  8. OData
  9. Redpark Serial Cable SDK. A kit for the Arduino can be bought from the MakerShed.
  10. REST client with JSON serializer
  11. Mogenerator Core Data code generator
  12. Flot JQuery plotting plugin

Make it look and sound pretty

  1. Photoshop template for iOS App icons 
  2. Glyphish icons
  3. Icons from The Noun Project 
  4. Textures
  5. Sounds 

Hook up with some Business Intelligence services

  1. Telemetry with Flurry
  2. Game Analytics with Playtomic


There you go. Have a blast with IPhone app development!

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